On tonight’s episode of Conan on TBS, a new episode of Conan O’Brien‘s game review series was aired. Clueless Gamer has featured Conan reviewing games like Tomb Raider and Skyrim and the newest episode features Conan getting his hands on Injustice: Gods Among Us to fail miserably, but he did it in style and with a few bits of news being dropped.

The first bit of news is that General Zod (Pope Zod? Watch the video…) is officially being released as DLC for Injustice this coming July and the video even gave us a nice sneak peek at him in action. The second bit of potential news is that Conan himself might be appearing in the game, or at least a version of him.

After getting his ass kicked repeatedly by his Clueless Gamer cohort Aaron Bleyaert, Conan decided to even the odds by forcing Bley to use Aquaman (while blindfolded) while Conan used a superhero of his own design, The Flaming C. There was no confirmation that The Flaming C is a DLC character, but given that it was absolutely playable in the footage, I can only assume that at the very least it’ll be a downloadable skin, possibly for Superman. Perhaps even as part of the usual compatibility packs.

Either way, I’m now more determined than ever to get Injustice. If you haven’t yet, check out the Clueless Gamer video HERE.

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