The latest Humble Bundle offering has gone live and as it turns out, its a little bit good.

For just one, single, solitary buck you can get Saints Row 2, Saints Row 3 and RPG‘s Risen 2 and Sacred 2.

That’s tantamount to highway robbery you realise?

Additionally, if you pay more than the current average (currently sat at $4.44), you can get Saints Row 3: The Full Package (game and all the DLC) and the Game of the Year edition of open-world, co-op zombie basher Dead Island too.

Finally, if you pay $25 or more, you get all of the above and a nice, shiny digital copy of the recently released Dead Island Riptide too.

If you’ve never partaken in the Humble Bundle scheme, here’s how it works.  You choose an amount to donate and you choose how you want to split your donation between the developer, the Humble Bundle folks and charity; with the bare minimum of $1 always scoring you a nice collection of free games.

Obviously if you donate more, you can meet or exceed the average in which additional titles or bonuses get added to your download basket.  Also, donating additional monies to chairty above and beyond that probably makes you an incrementally nicer person.


Anyhow, you can donate here and I suggest that you do, after all, just Saints Row The Third by itself for a buck is an absolute steal.

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