Imagine a game where you and three other online friends all pitch in to control and maintain a fully customisable steampunk sky ship, splitting up the duties from fixing damaged instruments to bolting on upgrades.  Then imagine that a bunch of other folks are doing the same thing in your airspace.

That airspace isn’t big enough for the two of you.

Originally a Kickstarted project which has gained a cult following after releasing at the tail end of last year on PC, Guns of Icarus Online‘s combination of a steampunk theme, strategical management and high-octane dogfights should hopefully ensure it finds a whole new audience when it releases next year on PlayStation 4.

Even better, the developer Muse Games is still adding features to the title; including an Adventure mode containing special missions to undertake and new challenges to face and has said that such additions will make it to the console version of the game too.

Although no media for the PlayStation 4 version of the game has been released, we a figure a trailer from the PC version will do in the meantime.

Catch it below:


Published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by Muse Games, Guns of Icarus Online has no release date but is expected to release sometime in early 2014.

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