It’s podcast night here on Save/Continue and The SML Podcast crew is here to keep you laughing and questioning your decisions in life all through the morning while bringing you fun topics, stupid jokes, and some baller-ass music cuz DATS WHUT WE DO.

God we are dumb. 

Episode 28 delves into the sensitive subject of yeast infections and antibiotics and it’s absolutely not on purpose. See, what we THOUGHT we were discussing was stuff like Diablo III and it’s new expansion, Killer Instinct, Charlie Murder, Saints Row IV, next gen launch lineups, and more, but apparently the mic on the phone we used to record with is way too goddamned sensitive and picked up the discussion in the next room between the girls a lot louder than we had hoped. It’s not the primary discussion on the podcast, but it’s noticeable and it’s pretty damn funny.

Grab the mp3 of the show HERE or, as always, check out the YouTubes thingie below!


This week’s featured music is from The OneUps! We’ve got music from Angry Birds, Luigi’s Mansion, and the always amazing Rainbow Road theme from Super Mario Kart! As a special bonus, and just for Kris, we’ve got a special Diablo track as well!

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