“Going fast” has always been a staple of Sonic games, as has “hold right to win” pertaining to the 2D versions which focused more on both versus the path memorization that the first games required. After Sonic transitioned to 3D, there was a great deal of oscillation the Blue Blur experienced, with the “Sonic Cycle” taking full effect until recently with Sonic Colors and Sonic Generations.

Sonic: Lost World is a pleasant fusion of both old and new ideas, seeing a reduction in the well-known speed in favor of fantastic platforming that marries the pleasant ideas of Super Mario Galaxy and Sonic’s move arsenal.

Saying Lost World is similar to Mario’s 3D adventures on the Wii is both a service and a disservice to the speedster’s legacy. Having always been nothing short of rivals for years, seeing Sonic succumb to yet another idea that our famous plumber did first seems to be a blow. However, instead of the familiar circular worlds, Sonic’s latest venture opts instead for cylindrical areas of space, constantly rotating and offering new paths to take as they turn (or as you run to their other side).


As mentioned, Sonic’s speed is lessened to offer a greater chance to explore, but you actually do have the option to speed Sonic up by holding down a button and he’ll run at a greater pace. Faster still, you can spin dash for even quicker movement once you’ve memorized a path to jet through, as Lost World is focused on pathfinding. The homing attack is back and better than ever as it’s far less of an attack and more rooted as a navigational maneuver that allows you to explore higher areas all while bonking baddies into submission.

Outside of that, the game looks gorgeous, with vibrant colors populating each area Sonic ventures to. Even on the 3DS, Lost World oozes the same style that its console brother provides, so either way you play, you’re getting an excellent Sonic experience. And it handles great on both consoles, not bogged down with what could have been clumsy controls—very responsive and easy to understand.

Sonic fans won’t want to miss this.

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