Information has been trickling out for a long while about The Wonderful 101, most recently the fact that the title was originally meant to be a Nintendo All-Stars game.

At Hideki Kamiya‘s PAX Prime panel, the man himself elaborated a bit on the origins of Platinum Games’ latest and why it’s only seeing life on the Wii U now after having been shelved for a long while.

When Nintendo approached Platinum to create the “All-Stars” title, Big N was hoping to see a collaborative game that focuses on their strengths, that is, really wonderful characters. Likely we would have seen the Mario staples, as well as other big names in the universe like Ice Climbers, Donkey Kong, Fox McCloud, and many more. And as Nintendo would have their way, Sonic might’ve found his blue self in the game as well.

However, there was a single piece of concept art that I have recreated below that caused Nintendo to give the All-Stars game a big ol’ “NOPE.”


Yes, that’s right—the offending image in question depicted our mustachioed Mario making his way across a bridge formed by other well-known faces with the likes of Yoshi, Princess Peach and his own brother Luigi. Of course, this gave Nintendo the impression that their characters were being defaced or abused in some sense, not by enemies, but by their very own comrade. Even though the “Unite Morph” technique that eventually made its way into The Wonderful 101 is focused on a team effort for the greater good, each Nintendo hero or heroine is unique and powerful separately, so it makes sense why Nintendo was sincerely appalled by the idea.

That said, though there are individuals within The Wonderful 101 and each hero is designed uniquely to certain degrees, it seemed a safer route to go with new characters versus the established. Though, there are a few familiar faces in the game that you must seek out…

The Wonderful 101 will be available in just under two weeks on September 15th, exclusively for the Wii U. If you haven’t pre-ordered your copy yet, don’t fret, there’s still time.

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