Not that there’s anything WRONG with that…

Sony announced today that inFAMOUS Second Son will be getting some good old fashioned preorder DLC come it’s February release on the PS4 and it will come in every copy of the Second Son Limited Edition and Collector’s Edition.

What’s the difference between the two? Read on to reveal all of life’s mysteries*. 

*All of life’s mysteries will not be revealed.

Anyways, the “Limited Edition” of inFAMOUS Second Son is pretty much the preorder version of the game. It will release with a special premium foil cover for the game as well as the “Cole’s LegacyDLC, a series of missions to discover what happened in between inFAMOUS 2 and Second Son. Beat the story to unlock Cole’s Jacket!

The Limited Edition will run the standard $59.99 and if you already preordered the game, you will be automatically upgraded to the Limited Edition so you can get your shinies on with that foil cover.

The Collector’s Edition will also be available for those of you who like pins and other goodies. This package, priced at a surprisingly affordable $79.99 comes with a premium replica of Delsin’s beanie, a set of 8 pins, a patch, decals, and Delsin’s “Legendary” in-game vest. It also comes with exclusive artwork for the game as well as the Cole’s Legacy DLC.

The inFAMOUS Second Son Limited Edition is available for preorder now on Amazon as well as all the other usual places and the Collector’s Edition should follow suit in the coming days.

EDIT: Oh hey look at that, the Collector’s Edition is on Amazon now too!


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