I’m sorry. Bad pun, I know.

Looks like Microsoft is teaming up with Penny Arcade to make a “physical” version of Killer Instinct available and by physical, I mean it’ll have pins and a download code… 

For the price of $59.99, and available exclusively though the Microsoft Store, you’ll score yourself a copy of this “limited run” version that comes in a premium case that is also a display for a set of pins made by Penny Arcade. There will be a total of 16 pins when all is said and done, but the package only comes with two (KI Logo and Jago), which leaves the door open for even more money to be spent for more pins.

It’s not all about getting things to stick into your forehead, though, as the package also comes with a download voucher for the Killer Instinct Ultra Edition which includes All 8 Season 1 characters, a season pass for all of the Season 1 costumes and accessory packs, early access to the Season 1 content, and the original Killer Instinct Arcade Game.

And some motherfucking pins.

Grab your preorder now as it’s said to be a limited run and they are even nice enough to have free shipping, so yolo and stuff. The Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate Edition is set to release on November 29th and only for the Xbox One.

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