Hope you like Chibi figures, cuz you’re getting FIVE of em in the newest Collector’s Edition announced in the Tales franchise.

Do you like details? I bet you like details. If you do, I’m sure you’re clicking on that pretty little “READ MORE” button below… 

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, releasing next March for the PS3, is getting a $99.99 Collector’s Edition packed with the game (durr), five figurines, two soundtrack CDs, a printed novel spanning the time between the two Tales of Symphonia games, and special packaging to house it all.

Also, if GameStop’s listing is to be believed, you’re also going to get an exclusive PS3 theme and a Steelbook in the package, and “Steelbook” is my safe word so it’s already preordered on my end.

The whole package is limited to only 15,000 units and is up for preorder now at GameStop, Amazon, and if you like shitty service from Digital River, the Namco store is selling it too.


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