This morning, Nintendo has officially unveiled info on the new Wii U Deluxe Bundles that will be hitting store shelves next month. The new bundle, priced at $299, will be dropping Nintendo Land as the pack in title and replacing it with a combo pack that includes both New Super Mario Bros. U as well as the New Super Luigi U content all on one disc as well as some “bonus videos” which could be anything, really. 

All of this is set to go down on November 1st, so if you were about to jump aboard the Wii U train and weren’t already planning to get the Zelda bundle (because you’re dumb?) then hold off another week and get it with a better pack in title. On top of that, Nintendo Land itself is getting a price drop down to $29.99 so you can pick it up for fairly cheap since it IS a pretty great party game.

But no! The fun doesn’t end there! ALSO launching on November 1st are those little beauties pictures below. Mario and Luigi are also getting their own special Wiimotes so when you head out to pick up extra controllers, you can get some awesome looking motes.. They will be priced at $39.99 each and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out they are a limited time only kind of item. That Luigi one looks frickin awesome…


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