During this morning’s recent Nintendo Direct press event, few details held more excitement in my heart than when they started talking about Bravely Default for the Nintendo 3DS. After the news of Europe’s amazing Deluxe Collector’s Edition, my hopes were high that we would get the same package here in the US.

Then I got a hearty kick in the balls… 

The US Bravely Default Collector’s Edition, which releases February 7th, 2014, gives us the art book, AR cards, and soundtrack from the European release but it looks like the beautiful collector’s box and gorgeous Agnès figurine are both being left behind. What the hell, Nintendo?

Time to start looking into importing the European version since Nintendo of America continues to treat customers like shit when it comes to special edition releases. STILL WAITING ON THAT RED CLASSIC CONTROLLER FOR THE WII, YOU DICKS…


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