Friday night means listening to the SML Podcast crew talk about game stuffs, and this week we’ve got our recommendations for the holiday season if you get a new console. Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. Handhelds, current gen, and next gen. We got them all covered!

The lists aren’t definitive by any means, but we think they take care of most of the bases. Grab the mp3 of the show HERE or continue on for the YouTubes thingie. 

Oh yeah. There’s a code somewhere in the episode for Ms. Splosion Man for XBLA. First person to follow the instructions to redeem it gets it, so there’s that.


Music this week comes from the Bad Dudes release Jingle All the Way! They might not be holiday tracks (despite the name) but they are some great songs anyway.
Danimal Cannon – Lucca (Chrono Trigger)
Ailsean – Front and Center (Vanguard)
Diggi Dis – Over and Out (Mega Man 3)
Mustin – You Just Fucking Died (Spelunker)

Download the full release over at the Bad Dudes Bandcamp Page!

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