MonkeyPaw Games, the awesome guys that brought Class of Heroes 2 and the original Tomba! game to North American PlayStation Network shelves, is doing it again. Starting this week they will be releasing a new PSone import each week on PSN until February 18th when they release the long awaited Tomba! 2 for retro game fans to enjoy. It’s the JP import version, but at least we are getting it.

Each game will run $5.99, except for Tomba! 2 which will cost $9.99 and I don’t even care because I’ll still get it. 

Here is the full release lineup planned from MonkeyPaw.

  • January 14th – Double Dragon
  • January 21st – Lucifer Ring
  • January 28th – The Firemen 2: Pete and Danny
  • February 4th – Hyper Crazy Climber
  • February 11th – Wolf Fang
  • February 18th – Tomba! 2: The Evil Swine Return

So are YOU excited? I know I am. Oh, and that Double Dragon game up there is the fighting game, not the side scrolling beat em up. Still cool as hell.

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