I’m back! Thanks to Zak for posting last week’s episode of The SML Podcast while I was too busy being at MAGFest to care about any of you, but now I’m back and me and the crew did a MAGFest episode that is sure to kill an afternoon or two…

The biggest, longest podcast we’ve ever done. Clocking in at over FOUR HOURS, we’ve got 8 interviews, 10 songs, and even two emails all relating to MAGFest

Kris and I were joined by some dear friends and a few new ones. Eric Mandel, Anthony Charles Dickinson, Michael Birch, Dain Olsen, Jeremy Pesner, Hannah Weaver, Lizzy Brown, and Dan Behrens all join us for tons of talk about what was great about MAGFest and why YOU should go if you didn’t. Plus we got emails from Randall Drew and Len Stuart!

Grab the mp3 of the episode HERE or drop you gaze a few inches to see the YouTube version, complete with a picture of what the FIRST MAGFest looked like!


On top of that, we’ve got songs from Kris and his BLADEMODE album, LONELYROLLINGSTARS, Prince uf Darkness, Flexstyle, Beatdrop, Bit Brigade, and Danimal Cannon including plenty of unreleased and exclusive tracks. We even have a fucking Pez commercial song!
Kris Huber – BARF!
Prince uf Darkness – TMNT Night Riders
Flexstyle – HI MOMMY, HI DADDY!
Beatdrop – Hyperthruster
Bit Brigade – Crash Man & Spark Man
LONELYROLLINGSTARS – Give Time Its Proper Love
Danimal Cannon – Red Planet
Danimal Cannon – The Music Industry is Horrible and So is This Song
Prince uf Darkness, finbeard, DrumUltimA, & SnappleMan – Anatomy of a Hedgehog

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