It’s Friday night which means I am sitting here posting about The SML Podcast instead of watching my new tv stand get set up because the delivery drivers don’t know how to handle a giant box that says “FRAGILE” without breaking the goddamn glass on the front.

But I digress…

My best friend Pappy returns to the show to talk about Irrational Games closing, recent games he’s played including LEGO Marvel Super Heroes, finally getting a Steam account, the Titanfall beta, and even getting some movie talk in since he works for Drunk Monkeys reviewing movies. Why not, right?

Grab the mp3 of the show HERE


Music this week celebrates the new album release from Jimmy Hinson aka Big Giant Circles because he is an awesome man. We have a whopping SIX tracks from Jimmy with five from his new album “The Glory Days” and a classic from his “Imposter Nostalgia” album!
BGC – Go For Distance
BGC – Sevcon
BGC – Houston
BGC – The Glory Days
BGC – Chiptune Legacy
BGC – Buzzsaw (feat. zircon)

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