We’ve often played thrilling games of Pac-Man, where Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde are right there on our little yellow behind and we’re about to munch down on the last pellet. Or perhaps they’ve taken to ganging up around corners and boxing you in with no escape before you can snag those little white dots. Well, if Pac-Man got your heart pumping before, it’s time to multiply that by a thousand with Dark Deception.

Dark Deception is a reimagining of sorts of the basic concept of Pac-Man in that you traverse hallways and collect items (in this case, shards) to complete the level. Obviously, collecting all the shards allows you to beat a stage, but in the first-person level, an ambush could easily be waiting for you around every corner.

This game is currently in alpha, but is also being worked on for Oculus Rift for maximum scariness.

Play the free alpha here.

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