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Square Enix has finally confirmed that their second Final Fantasy-inspired rhythm game is making it’s way outside of Japan. The game, which bears the hefty title of Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy Curtain Call, will be exclusive for Nintendo 3DS, and will therefore play much like it’s prequel, albeit with tons more content.

Curtain Call will feature a dazzling 221 songs from the age-old RPG franchise, with classics such as One-Winged Angel, Suteki Da Ne and Zanarkand front and center. Alongside the plentiful soundtrack there’ll be a cast of more than 60 Final Fantasy heroes and villains portrayed as cutesy chibi characters. There will also be a versus mode.

Square have yet to confirm a specific release date for their musical mash up, but if you live in North-America or Europe you can expect to play the game sometime late 2014. All we need now is Theatrhythm: Kingdom Hearts and the world will be a safe and fuzzy place again. In the meantime, have a trailer.


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