Pixel Noir, the 16-bit style detective RPG created by SWDTech Games has hit Kickstarter and hopefully within the next 29 days, it will be funded and on the way to reality!

Yeah, I wouldn’t normally cover a Kickstarter campaign, but I have reasons for this one…

The main reason I’m covering this game is because the game looks badass. A noir detective game in the style of a SNES RPG just looks too awesome to not enjoy, but then you look at some of the talent behind the game and it gets even better as the project features people who’ve worked with Sony, DC Comics, Capcom, PopCap, Marvel, and many more. There are also a number of folks who began in the OverClocked Remix community like Kunal Majmudar, Luke Esquivel (A_Rival), and José Felix.

And if some of those names sound familiar, it’s because Kunal has been a frequent guest on my own SML Podcast, we’ve frequently played music from A_Rival, and our sometimes co-host Tim Robinson is part of the team as well. So yeah, I’m posting this because they are my friends. So what. Wanna fight about it?

Anyway, the Kickstarter launched at PAX East and the goal is to raise $97,000 by May 11th, so head on over to the Pixel Noir Kickstarter page to check out the various rewards, both physical and digital, and hop on board the project! The early bird special for only $10 gets you two copies of the game (one mobile, one non-mobile) plus future DLC. I’m sure Kunal will be a guest on the podcast soon enough to talk more about Pixel Noir, which is planned to launch for PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PS4, and PS Vita. That’s a hell of a lineup!

Also, they better make me the Sausage Vendor like they talked about…..

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