All of us here at Save/Continue have been pretty pumped about the Amplitude Kickstarter and we’re down to the final 2 days.

As of this post, the campaign is just over $600,000 raised with 57 hours left, and they’re about $175,000 shy of reaching their goal and making the game a reality for the PS3 and PS4. Between the #AmpliTuesday hashtag yesterday, the various livestreams, and even having John Drake of Harmonix on The SML Podcast, the campaign has picked up a lot of steam recently and this can easily become a reality.

Now is the time, folks. Head on over to the Amplitude Kickstarter page and back the game now so that we can finally have an Amplitude sequel after over a decade! And hell, if you’re an upstart band with deep pockets, you can still drop $7,500 to get one of your songs into the game!

There are plenty of awesome tiers which include cool bonuses like a vinyl soundtrack, an exclusive song, VIP packages for a PAX East launch party, or even getting a tour of Harmonix up in Boston!

Is it selfish of me to use my standing on this site to pimp out a Kickstarter I want to see happen? I don’t give a shit. I want this game to happen. Now get over to the Amplitude Kickstarter page and make it happen with me. We have two and a half days left, which is plenty of time!


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