A weird URL popped up recently which has the internet wondering what in the hell it is, so I’m going to just speculate here…

The website ProjectV1, or Project V1, who knows, is pretty much just the image above with a large red V over it, along with a countdown timer preparing us for more information in 9 days. Also, “He is coming” is mentioned, so we know the gender!

As soon as John Paul alerted me to this site, my immediate reaction was of Viewtiful Joe given it’s a helmet with a letter V on it and it’s a franchise that’s been dormant since the GameCube and PS2 days. Given his more recent appearances in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Marvel vs. Capcom 3, maybe it’s time for a return to his own games?

Whatever the real answer is, the source code for the website mentions bascially ever platform out right now:

<meta name=”keywordscontent=”PS4, PS3, Xbox360, XboxONE, PSvita, 3DS, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, PC, consoles, games, videogames, Wii, WiiU“>

I guess all we can do is wait 9 more days for some more info! But seriously, if it’s Viewtiful Joe and they fuck it up, I will murder all of Capcom.

EDIT: Some Twitter guesses revolve around a possible Vectorman reboot, so with that prospect I say the same to SEGA as I do to Capcom. Fuck this up and things will get ugly.

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