Ah crap. I overslept. But hey, here’s the podcast now, right? Friday night IS SML Podcast night, and it’s still Friday in California, so deal with it.

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This week on the show we are joined by Shael Riley and Chris Motola, the guys behind String’s Theory, now attempting to get greenlit on Steam! We chat about the game and how it works, as well as discuss some of the other games that the duo have worked on including one that we are demanding gets released. We then move on to discuss everything from music to Utz chips murdering guests on the air. Also, more emails from Zak Lyons, who is finally caught up on our show now.

Music this week is a whopping FIVE songs from Shael and his various bands through the years as well as some solo stuff as well!

Shael Riley – Interstate Love Song (Stone Temple Pilots cover)
The Grammar Club – No Worry Birdie
Shael Riley and the Double Ice Backfire – Publishing Rights
Shael Riley – A Man Who Fights Cars
Shael Riley – Music of My Groin (Legend of Zelda)


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