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In standard Telltale Games fashion, they have today released the first screenshots for In Harm’s Way – the midway point for The Walking Dead‘s second season.

Below we see Clementine trying to protect new-found friend Sarah from a crowd of incoming walkers, resident antagonist Carver getting his hands nice and dirty, and Clem making good use of a hatchet.

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The company has stated, perhaps unsurprisingly so, that “Depending on who has survived this season, and also what happened in your play-through of ‘400 Days,’ different characters will play a role in the story of The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode 3: ‘In Harm’s Way.'” My fingers are crossed that this doesn’t mean characters you chose to save over others don’t just die in a later episode to balance things out, the way they did in season 1. That may have been the only disappointment I found in The Walking Dead’s introductory season.

For now Telltale teases that release information for episode 3 will be revealed soon, so odds are that you can expect it to drop in a week or two, with our review coming right behind it!

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