Nintendo brought E3 to the people this year with Smash Fest, a special event held at Best Buys across america.



During last year’s event, Nintendo and Best Buy teamed up to let the fans come and try out the latest games. This year, the focus was squarely on Super Smash Bros. 


Displays were set up for both the Wii U and 3DS versions. Participates got to duke it out with each other in four-player matches on the Wii U version, while they got to enjoy a demo of Smash Run on the 3DS. There was also plenty of swag to pick up at the display table.


Customers who pre ordered the game at Smash Fest (either version) earned themselves a special gold coin. The coins won’t be available until the game’s release, but the Nintendo rep had one on hand to show off.


As for the game, Smash Bros is exactly what it should be. It’s gorgeous and plays exactly like its predecessors. The 3DS version is scheduled for release on October 3rd, while the Wii U version is slated for “holiday 2014.”

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