Bandai Namco have today confirmed a European release date for their PlayStation exclusive JRPG, Tales of Hearts R.

Released in Japan at the end of last year, Tales of Hearts R is currently scheduled to release on November 14th in Europe. As of this writing, no North American release date has been provided but in all honesty, it shouldn’t end up being too far off the European date.

As it turns out, Tales Of Hearts R is actually a remake of Tales Of Hearts which was originally released on the Nintendo DS.

As you might expect, the PlayStation Vita remake is overflowing with improvements. Aside from vastly better visuals, Tales of Hearts R boasts a new battle system, new story events, new artes for all the characters a rearranged soundtrack and two, brand new playable characters which are exclusive to this version of the game.

Coinciding with the release date announcement, five brand new screenshots from the western localisation of the game have been released.

You can catch them below.

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