Nintendo must have had a blast with their most recent character reveal video for the highly anticipated next entry in the Super Smash Bros. franchise. Generally they reveal a new character video during a Nintendo Direct, or show off multiple newcomers at big events like E3. This time they decided to tease us by announcing a new character video almost a week in advance, with plenty of misdirection throughout.

The day before the announcement Sakurai‘s daily screenshot was a trophy of Ubisoft‘s Rayman, which raised speculation that perhaps he, or another Ubisoft big might make it in.

Even more suspicious, however, was the fact that a Xenoblade Chronicles developer retweeted Nintendo’s tweet regarding the upcoming video announcement. Apparently, history tells us that when a Xenoblade developer retweets another company’s project, it is because they are involved somehow. This made the internet explode with speculation that Xeno’s main protagonist Shulk was surely going to be announced as a new character, adding another IP to Smash’s list of all-stars.

Then Nintendo was all LOLNOPE and announced two more Fire Emblem characters, Robin and Lucina, along with recurring fan favorite, Captain Falcon. He will show you his moves alongside the newcomers in the video and screengrabs below.


robin_01 robin_02 robin_03 robin_04 robin_05

robin_06 robin_07 robin_08 robin_09 robin_10

lucina_01 lucina_02 lucina_03 lucina_04 lucina_05

lucina_06 lucina_07 lucina_08 lucina_09 lucina_10

falcon_01 falcon_02 falcon_04 falcon_03 falcon_05

falcon_06 falcon_07 falcon_08 falcon_09 falcon_10

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS releases October 3 this year, with the Wii U version following around the holidays.

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