Oh god. Oh no, you guys. Remember how last year the SML Podcast started out as a gaming ‘cast and was awesome until November, when for almost two months it became the SML MAGCast? When all discussion either focused on or segued into MAGFest? Yeah, well, it looks like November’s coming early this year.

The upcoming MAGFest 8.5 (yes, this year’s official event was MAG number 12 and next year’s is 13. Even so, 8.5 makes perfect sense. Just trust me on this) has been officially announced to be happening in September, so Joe and Kris dropped everything to gush about how awesome it’s going to be, and how much fun they’re going to have, and how they can’t wait, and yadda, yadda, yadda. You get the picture.

For real though, with guests Dominic Cerquetti and Paul Good on to talk about the mini-event and potential plans for the future of MAGFest, it promises to be a good listen. The badass collection of music at the end only makes it better, with tracks from and inspired by Yacht Club Games‘ recent masterpiece, Shovel Knight:

Super Square – “No Running Sense”
Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman – “A Return to Order (Ending Theme)”
Jake Kaufman – “Hyper Camelot”

As usual, here’s the iTunes link, here’s the mp3 link, and below is the YouTube video. Enjoy!


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