It is time for the third Quarter Quell here at the SML Podcast, and there is certainly plenty of reason to celebrate! Following last week’s lull in news, Joe and Kris are joined by friend of the show Ian (a.k.a. Jesus), show regular Taras “Pappy” Butrej of Drunk Monkeys, and possibly most exciting of all, the man formerly known as Small, former SML host Tim Robinson joins the crew for a reunion of spectacular proportions!

You’ll laugh (at how stupid they are)! You’ll cry (because of how stupid they are)! You’ll throw your arms in the air like you just don’t care (in confusion, because you just don’t understand how anyone could be so stupid)!

Yes, it will surely be a great epsiode. The crew discusses the recent EVO 2014 tournament, covering everything from games played to who won to the excitement of the crowd, then realize that most of them didn’t even watch the show. Wonderful!

In addition, they cover the recent Pinball FX 2 drama on Xbox One, the Club Nintendo Platinum and Gold reward controversy, last second delays of Defiance and Magic 2015, and so much more!

Things are rounded out with some e-mails (E-mails! They DO still get one from time to time!), closing out the show with some Killer tunes that will make you Instinctively go out to the Street and Fight people. Get it? It’s all fighting game music. Including a little something from our Medium host, Kris (a.k.a. Kroth)!

Killer Instinct – Humiliation
A_Rival & Prozax – Clamato Fever (Street Fighter II HD Remix)
Kroth – That Burning Sensation (Killer Instinct)
Street Fighter x Tekken – Closing Credits

After 75 episodes, you should know the drill. But just in case you’re new (or maybe a little slow), click HERE for the mp3 of today’s episode, click HERE for every episode on iTunes, and click BELOW for the YouTube video.


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