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Making up for a quiet June, Telltale Games is giving us a lot to look forward to during July. In addition to next week’s finale to The Wolf Among Us, we will supposedly be playing episode 4 of The Walking Dead, Amid the Ruins before the month is over.

Telltale’s Job J Stauffer took to Twitter with the news a few days ago, posting the following tweet:


Okay, so it’s not an official release date or trailer or even a screenshot tease. In fact, I usually hate “announcements of announcements,” but I am pumped beyond pumped to continue Clementine’s adventure and see what happens now that her crew has moved on from Carver’s camp. As such, any news is good news, and it seems we’ll be receiving more ACTUAL news on this title soon. Look forward to it! In the mean time, refresh your memory on the first three episodes with my reviews here, here, and here!

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