This is it.

With The Walking Dead‘s season 2 closer just around the corner, Telltale Games has been teasing us all week, showing that the pending snowstorm will have a sizable impact on the episode.

Now they have released the finale trailer, which takes a look back at seasons 1 and 2 leading up where my Clementine is at now. Be warned before watching that there are spoilers aplenty for the series at large herein, but none for the final episode.

If you watch it be sure and watch to the end, as there is an entire scene made specifically for this trailer that is sure to make you feel many emotions.


The Walking Dead – Season 2, Episode 5: No Going Back releases August 26 for PC/Mac and PlayStation NA, August 27 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation EU, and August 28 for iOS. Get the tissues ready, you guys. This one’s sure to pull on the heart strings, but I know my Clementine will make it through.

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