Did I just make a post about some new Wii U and Nintendo 2DS bundles that America is getting this fall? Well looks like Japan one-upped us as they are getting an entire new Nintendo 3DS and 3DS LL (XL) model on October 11th.

So what kind of special upgrades does this magical new model have? First off, a second analog stick. Appearing just above the ABXY buttons, the miniature new c-stick will serve as a secondary analog stick making games like Monster Hunter and Xenoblade (oops, someone else is covering that) much easier to play.

Also included in the new console will be ZL and ZR buttons, NFC capabilities for the upcoming line of amiibo figures, slightly larger screens, improved battery life, and a new “Super-Stable 3D” fuction which will make viewing the 3D content much more comfortable for gamers.

Japan will be getting the console on October 11th and the New Nintendo 3DS LL model will be available in Metallic Blue and Metallic Black while the normal ass model size comes in normal ass black and normal ass white.

There is no word on any kind of American or European launch except for Nintendo of Japan confirming it will not happen in 2014. God my wife is gonna be soooooo pissed when I tell her my Zelda 3DS XL isn’t my last 3DS…

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