Still holding out on a Wii U or a Nintendo 2DS? Nintendo wants you to jump on board with a bunch of new system bundles coming out in the next few months!

First up, in mid-September, the Wii U is getting a new Wii U Deluxe Set which includes physical copies of both Super Mario 3D World as well as Nintendo Land for $299.99. Not interested in platforming? Then your best bet is to check Walmart as they are getting their own exclusive bundle which packs in Mario Kart 8 along with Nintendo Land for the same $299.99 price tag!

Looking to pick up a 2DS for some handheld gaming instead? October will see the release of THREE Nintendo 2DS bundles! The new bundles will feature a Nintendo 2DS console in either Electric Blue, Crimson Red, or Sea Green and will include a download code for Mario Kart 7 for the total cost of $129.99.

If you don’t have either console, hell, pick up the Mario Kart 7 and 8 bundles and race away forever! Check out package art of all three different new releases directly below these words.

MK72DSBundle MK8Bundle2014 Mario3DWorldBundle2014

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