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Less than a year after its initial release on the 3DS, the latest game in the charming Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney series, Dual Destinies, found itself a new home earlier this week on iPhones and iPads throughout North America and PAL regions.

HOLD IT! As of August 14th Dual Destinies joins the predecessor of the original Phoenix Wright HD Trilogy on the iOS, yet for some reason Capcom has thus far skipped over bringing Apollo Justice‘s solo venture to the mobile platform. Perhaps in time we will see it.

Regardless, you can currently pick up episode 1 of Dual Destinies for the best price of FREE, while the remaining episodes (and some alternate costumes) will cost extra. Most notably, episodes 2 through 5 will run you $4.99 each, or you can grab the lot of them for $14.99.

OBJECTION! Why are you still reading this when you could be playing Dual Destinies RIGHT NOW?

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Source: Pocket Gamer

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