Well, the podcast itself wasn’t late. Joe and Kris recorded on time, and Joe made the mp3 and YouTube versions available a couple days ago, also on time. But this week you are all treated to SML Fridays on Sunday, and it’s all thanks to me. Yay! You’re welcome.

So this time our dynamic duo try something new, featuring a guest who isn’t prominent in the gaming world, but instead prominent in Joe’s world: it’s his sister and budding photographer, Mary Bove! Mary and Kris spend some time discussing the Rockstar Mayhem Festival (that has to do with video games, right?) before devolving into the standard fare. Unlike last week, there has actually been a fair bit of news happening to discuss!

From the Sleeping Dogs Definitive Edition announcement to Mario Kart 8‘s Mercedes Benz DLC to Best Buy being dicks and cancelling more than a few Destiny pre-orders and beyond, there is no shortage of conversation this time around. No, Mary and the boys definitely don’t stick to the one-hour time frame for episode 78 (so back to business as usual, basically). There’s so much to talk about that Joe actually made a list. A LIST, YOU GUYS.

As always, they wrap things up with discussion of what they’ve been playing lately and some sweet gaming melodies. Spoiler alert: Kris has been playing Unturned, Joe has been playing Sacred 3 and The Swapper, and Mary has been playing Animal Crossing: City Folk and Animal Crossing: Wild World. Incidentally, I have been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf! I’ve also been replaying the original Borderlands with a friend who’s never played it, and trophy-hunting on Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5. What? No, I don’t care that I’m not on the podcast. This is important information! It’s my news post, and I’ll say whatever I darn well please! YOU TAKE THAT BACK, MY MOTHER IS NOT A WHORE.


Music this week is all Zelda-related, in honor of the awesome Hyrule Warriors Nintendo Direct that aired last week. Is that game going to be awesome, or is that game going to be awesome? Yeah, that game is going to be pret-ty awesome. Here’s the set list!

Mega Beardo – Labyrinths of Fragmented Wisdom
The OneUps – I Do it For the Faeries
Level 99 & prophetik – Threshold of a Dream
The Smash Brothers – Zelda II Medley (Live at MAGFest 3)
Kroth – Confession

Here’s the mp3 link!
Here’s the iTunes link (you should subscribe!)!
And here’s the YouTube video!


Check back next Friday (for real though, Friday – not Sunday) for the next episode of The SML Podcast on Save/Continue, and remember to flick our guys an e-mail at thesmlpodcast (at) gmail (dot) com!

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