As is usually the case after an event, this week the boys wind down from Gamescom with some basic video game chit-chat on the SML Podcast.

Their guest for episode 80 is Save/Continue‘s very own editor-in-chief and general butt sniffer (-salute- General Buttsniffer), Kyle Gaddo! He joins in the regularly scheduled Diablo conversation, but this time it’s actually relevant to recent gaming news, what with the recent release of Derberbler III: Erltermert Erverl Edertion to PS3, PS4, 360 and XBO.

They also discuss Tim’s progress with his ongoing Metal Gear Retrospective. He lost his first week’s save file and had to start all over again, and I can’t decide whether I want to point at laugh at his misfortune or remember those unfortunate times when I have lost save files of my own and wept all night. Screw it, this is the internet. HAHAHA TIM, WHAT A LOSER.

Wait, what’s that? Kyle comes to the show bearing exclusive news? How exciting! Okay, hold up, it’s about MAGFest 8.5. Uh huh. Yeah, got it. It seems that Kyle will NOT be attending, and he was splitting a room with Joe, and Joe only hears this news for the first time ON THE AIR. Grab some popcorn, folks, this is gonna be goooood.

As far as their currently played games list goes, it is a time for sequels galore as collectively they have been playing Tales of Xillia 2, Risen 3, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, Grand Theft Auto V, and of course, Diablo III.

Man, video games are just like Hollywood. Not an original idea to be found these days. I bet I can think up a great, ORIGINAL game idea right now! Okay, so there’s this loner kid, right? He’s the hero. Totally original. One day he meets this dog. Wait, this talking dog. Yeah, awesome. Nobody will see that coming! So this talking dog teaches the kid to play guitar LIKE A BOSS. Are you ready for the twist? The dog reveals to the boy that he’s actually a legendary hero (gasp!) known as GUITAR BOY. Wait, shit, that’s already a thing? A thing that came out over a decade ago, which Kris actually played for the first time before recording? Well, crap!

I suppose that would make for some pretty good tunes though, so the show wraps up with music from and inspired by the awesome Gitaroo Man!

Gitaroo Man – Resurrection
Casey Sumpter – Tainted Thumpers
Gitaroo Man – Overpass
Ailsean – The Legendary Theme (Rock)
Gitaroo Man – Metal Header (Gitaroo Man Lives!)
The Altered Beasts – The Legendary Theme (Acoustic)

With that, I leave you for another week with your standard options. MP3, iTunes, or YouTubes (above). As always, be sure to flick an e-mail to Joe and Kris at thesmlpodcast (at) gmail (dot) com!

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