Hey, Zak here, putting out the official post for this week’s episode of The SML Podcast. As PAX Prime is in full swing and there’s lots of other news to be covered, I am taking the lazy route and not typing up my own recap of the episode, instead opting to copy and paste Joe’s description from the YouTube post. MAXIMUM LAZINESS SLASH EFFICIENCY GO.

The show’s guest caller stats rise this week as long time listener and friend of the show Joe Strattman calls in to chat with us, but since we already have one Joe hosting (me) we use his internet name of Henry Jones instead!

There wasn’t all that much news going around this week, but we covered what we could including the surprise news of Amazon being the Twitch buyers that we all expected would be Google as well as addressing all of the Smash Bros. leaks and rumors!

Kris is proud of me that I am still playing Diablo to the point of being on Act V and level 65. Since then I’ve actually beaten Act V, so I’m sure he’ll be even more proud of me once he reads this. Which he won’t.

We also talk random other gaming news of the week and talk about what games we’ve been playing. Sadly, we recorded this hours before the Mario Kart 8 DLC news, so none of that is here, but I’m sure it’ll be talked about next week, so come back then!

We finish off this week’s show with a nice mixture of music including a request from Henry Jones for an Uncharted remix from DJ Shadow. Add in a few Super Smash Bros. remixes as well as two songs from The Smash Brothers including a MAGFest rarity, and it’s a nice lineup of songs!

DJ Shadow – El Dorado Megamix (Uncharted)
Insert Rupee – The Life and Death of Kirby (Super Smash Bros.)
Mikeaudio – Polygons are Inaccurate (Super Smash Bros.)
The Smash Brothers – Dancing Mad (Final Fantasy VI – Live at MAGFest 3)
The Smash Brothers – FFITOWN.WAV (Final Fantasy)

You’ve got your iTunes, you’ve got your mp3, and you’ve got your YouTubes below. As always, we urge you to e-mail the guys at thesmlpodcast (at) gmail (dot) com. Catch them again next week with a Nintendo/PAX Prime round-up extravaganza!


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