If you want to keep up to date on Telltale’s excellent adaptation of The Walking Dead, you need go no further than the Twitter accounts of Telltale Games and their director of public relations, Job J Stauffer. The two of them combined are almost always the first to share new screenshots and announce upcoming trailers, and this is no different as season 2 comes to a close.

Over the last half week they have announced our first tease at the season finale, then subsequently revealed it in an accolade trailer for episode 4, Amid the Ruins, which can be viewed below. Spoiler: the teaser begins at 1:17, and is incredibly underwhelming.


What is MUCH more intriguing, however, is the series of posts that have followed from Telltale and Mr. Stauffer, pushing forward the new hashtag of #MyClementine. The point is to get everyone talking about who their Clementine is, how she has handled their individual crises, and where they see her going from there. The responses from fans have been a predictable blend of heartbreaking, triumphant, and tragic, but the most interesting posts come from the company themselves.


Plus here’s a cheerful bonus tweet from Laura Perusco, Telltale’s second-in-command for PR.


So we learned from the above that the season has officially wrapped, and we’re all just waiting with baited breath the find out the reasons behind the tears and the emotions and the worry. On the one hand, they could take the season one route and (spoiler) off our beloved main character. On the other hand, Telltale has confirmed there will be a season 3 of the series coming next year, and MY Clementine hasn’t exactly been pampering anyone to take her place.

Whatever the case, I have faith in Telltale’s storytelling ability, and cannot wait to shed plenty of man tears upon the season 2 closer, hopefully within the next couple weeks.

Get yourself up to speed with the rest of the season with our reviews of episodes 1 through 4: All That Remains, A House Divided, In Harm’s Way, and Amid the Ruins.

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