Freshly announced in today’s Nintendo Direct is that Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade Chronicles is to be released on the new 3DS.  Xenoblade Chronicles is a science fiction RPG originally released on the Wii originally in japan 2010 and the EU in 2011 to critical accliam

Unfortunately 3DS fans like myself will be slightly disappointed with the news that it will only play on the new upgraded 3DS (with added analogue stick!) which is releasing in Japan 10th October this year and then in 2015 in all other territories.

The 3DS version of Xenoblade Chronicles will be winging its way here in 2015 and will be on store shelves close to the release of its spiritual successor Xenoblade Chronicles X, which is being released on the Wii U.

With such an awesome RPG coming to the new 3DS it looks like I could be trading in yet another older model. What about you guys?

Check out the first footage below.


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