This week has given us three separate reveals from Capcom regarding crossover content for the upcoming 3DS title Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate, and it’s all sorts of insanity ranging from kind of cool to really awesome to, oh god, oh no, what have they done to Sonic??

First we got a look at a simple crossover, in the form of a weapon. The Taiko Drum Master Hunting Horn looks a bit happy-happy, but still manages to fit in the Monster Hunter world surprisingly well.


Next up we were shown possibly the most horrifying, nightmare-inducing take on Sonic the Hedgehog ever seen (okay, that’s not strictly true). It’s not technically Sonic joining the game, but instead an eerie Sonic armor that can be equipped to your Felynes in-game to give them the appearance of a fusion gone horribly, horribly wrong. Oh, plus they can wield Caliburn, the sword from one of the hedgehog’s more ill-gotten titles, Sonic and the Black Knight.


Possibly the best of the announced content is the newest offering. Straight out of Animal Crossing come two more outfits you can dress your Felynes with, though yielding infinitely more appealing skins than the Sonic monstrosity. The adorable Isabelle and moody Mr. Resetti (complete with clipboard and pickaxe respectively) outfits completely alter the appearance of your Felynes to look (and sound!) exactly like the iconic characters. While they clash a bit more with the Monster Hunter world as a whole, there’s no denying they maintain their charming appeal.


Each crossover comes with its own Guild Card, and it has all been confirmed to be included in the North American and European releases of the game, so there’s no worry of Japan getting all the best stuff this time around while leaving us high and dry. Be on the look out for more of these announcements, as Capcom have indicated there may yet be more collaborations to be announced.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate releases early 2015 for the 3DS and New 3DS.

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