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Nintendo Australia has just released their first proper Nintendo Direct that wasn’t just a rehash of a North American Direct, and they couldn’t have given me better news paired with it.

The New 3DS has previously only been announced for a release in Japan, slated for a tentative 2015 release everywhere else. That changes now.


Australia and New Zealand will be able to get their hands on the hot new system this November 21, with confirmation that neither North America nor Europe (nor any other region outside of Japan, for that matter) will see it hit store shelves until next year. Being the resident Kiwi on this site, to say I am excited would be a disservice to the word.

The standard New 3DS will be available only in the single colour of white on launch, while the New 3DS XL will be available in Metallic Black and Metallic Blue.

Like the Japanese announcement, this Direct touches on other previously announced features such as interchangeable faceplates and home menus, as well as the system-exclusive port of Xenoblade Chronicles.

Interestingly enough, the system will not come with an AC adapter for charging, but you will be able to use any adapter you may already have from the DSi or 3DS family. Otherwise you’re left to buy one fresh for an extra $15. This seems… counter-intuitive. Still, if you’re a fan of the 3DS, odds are you’ve already got a cord laying about, so this just saves doubling up.

Suggested retail price for the systems will be $219.95 AUD and $249.95 AUD for the standard and XL versions respectively.

Finally, the system will be seen for the first time down under NEXT WEEKEND at the EB Games Expo in Sydney, while making its playable debut outside of Japan at PAX Australia in Melbourne, where we will be sure to get plenty of time with it to give our impressions.

For now, check out our thoughts for and against the upcoming system, and if you’re in this neck of the world, be excited with me, because I am PUMPED.

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