In yet another effort to delight fans of old-school systems with new-school gadgets (similar to the recently announced NES-styled 3DS), Nintendo UK has dropped an insanely cool new duo of 2DS consoles coming to Europe in November.

The transparent blue and red 2DSes (what is the proper plural form of 2DS? 2DSs? 2DS’s? 2DSi? (see what I did there?)) have not yet been confirmed for release outside of the Queen’s land, but man, oh man, I hope they do. I’ve still got my transparent purple Game Boy Color from back in the day, and it remains one of my favorites. I don’t even actually care about the 2DS, but I need one of these.

2DS transparent

The swanky new systems will be available on their own from November 7, while two new Pokémon bundles are set to drop alongside Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby on November 28. As you could probably guess, the red system will be packaged with Omega Ruby pre-installed, while the blue will have Alpha Sapphire.

PORAS 2DS bundles

Seriously, America. You’re making a huge mistake if you don’t get this bundle too.



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