Episode 82 of The SML Podcast is a really great episode for many reasons. First and foremost, you might notice the opening theme song is a bit different… Yes, Mr. Grant Henry (you may know him better as Stemage, the creator of Metroid Metal) has re-recorded the SML tune, and it is ROCKIN’. He plans to tweak it juuust a bit more, but Joe couldn’t wait to tack on the new hotness. Consider this a sneak peak at the awesomeness to come.

Next up, original SML-er from way back in the day (which, by the way, was a Wednesday) Jason “Boge” Bogert is back this time, because Joe and Kris couldn’t handle the intensity of the episode all by themselves. What made it so interesting and better than the average ‘cast? I’m glad you asked!

Joe confided in me recently that SML just isn’t the same without more frequent e-mails from their listener (not a typo), so I went ahead and wrote some words in to them. By “some” I mean “over 1200.” Yes, there is good reason why this episode runs over 2 hours. As Joe put it, “we have an email from Zak as well! That’s pretty much all you need to know about this episode, especially if you’ve heard any other episode where Zak emailed us.”


So during my e-mail I touch on many things, mostly Nintendo related (in case you were unaware, I love Nintendo like Joe loves Xbox). Topics include, but are not limited to: the upcoming Super Smash Kart 8 DLC (spoiler – I’m pumped as hell to take bitches DOWN with Link), Super Smash Bros. rumors and confirmations, the New 3DS announcement, and Xenoblade Chronicles being ported to that sexy new handheld! I’m sure there’s plenty of other rambling that I can’t remember, because that’s what I do. I ramble. Heck, it’s what I’m doing right now. Why are you still reading? There is literally nothing important being said anymore. Just move on already.

After my glorious electronic mail, the guys touch briefly on the recent Tokyo Game Show pre-show, and all the exciting news that came from it. Again, that’s just a brief mention because duh, I e-mailed them, and that’s the focus of the show. See? Remember that rambling thing I said I do? I’m doing it again RIGHT NOW.

So seeing that we’re all pumped up about the upcoming Mario Kart DLC, this week’s music is all from The OneUps, based on the tunes from Super Mario Kart.

The OneUps – Battle Mode (Super Mario Kart)
The OneUps – Ghost Valley (Super Mario Kart)
The OneUps – Boswer Castle (Super Mario Kart)

Now I leave you with a simple choice. You must choose to keep the prize you’ve already got (precious time from your life), OR you can take what’s behind Door Number 1 (it’s the mp3 of the show), Door Number 2 (it’s the SML iTunes subscription page), or Door Number 3 (it’s the YouTube video, and it’s directly below). The only way to truly win is to walk away with your currently held prize. So go on, choose a door already!


Remember that you, too, can write in to Joe and Kris on The SML Podcast at [email protected] and send them your own essay of thoughts and opinions!

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