Do you remember the days when the goal was to have each episode of The SML Podcast to be an hour long? Well I don’t. It’s been so long since Joe and Kris have had a normal-length episode that I couldn’t even begin to guess when things all went to terribly, terribly wrong. At two hours and thirty-five minutes, episode 83 is looking to be one of the worst offenders, especially considering it wasn’t focused on MAGFest (that’ll be next week).

That said, two and a half hours just means there’s been a lot to talk about. And I didn’t even mail in this week! Actually, that’s a lie. I wrote in. Twice. So it was a double lie. They don’t count though, because for me, they’re barely anything. ANYWAY, MOVING ON.

The e-mails actually get the ball rolling, including a bit of junk mail (but if it’s sent to thesmlpodcast (at) gmail (dot) com, Joe’s gonna read it (hint hint)). Interestingly enough, said junk mail actually spirals into some intense music discussion (but isn’t this a gaming podcast?) between Kris and special guest Grant Henry.

We credited Mr. Henry last week as being the genius behind the updated SML theme song, which is presented today in its full glory.

Following the musical tangent, the trio gets on the year-old debate – should Grant pick up a PlayStation 4 or an Xbox One? The end decision may surprise you (spoiler: it’s the Vita)! How can that possibly make sense? I suppose you’ll just have to listen.

The end tunes are a bit different this week, as Stemage grabs his axe and hammers away (improper tool analogy for the win).

Grant Henry – Warming Up
Grant Henry – The SML Theme (Acoustic)
Grant Henry – That Song (Big Wreck ‘cover’)
Grant Henry – The Ballad of Samus
Grant Henry – This Show is Too Long (feat. Joe Cam)

Decision time. Will you pick the mp3, iTunes, or YouTube? Either way, it’s time to choose now.


Check back again next week for a special MAGFest 8.5 round-up episode!

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