Following last week’s MAGFest 8.5 spectacular, this week is much more toned down and easy to understand without so many people talking over each other. Joe and Kris are joined on SML by fan favorite* Taras “Pappy” Butrej from Drunk Monkeys.

The Destiny bug seems to have bitten everyone in a big way, as it’s the only thing anybody seems capable of talking about these days, and SML is no exception. Love it or hate it, the bulk of this week’s chatter is filled by the recent Halo follow-up.

If you’re not interested in Destiny, worry not! There’s plenty of other discussion as well! From Super Smash Bros. (OUT NEXT WEEK OH MY GOD YOU GUYS) to Final Fantasy Type-0 to Forza Horizon 2 and more, this week is, like I said before, absolutely more game focused. As we rapidly approach the bustling holiday season, it should only get more exciting in the months to come.

This week’s tunes aren’t from a video game cover band or remixer, as is usually the case, but instead come straight from the soundtrack to Final Fantasy Type-0, in anticipation of the game’s HD re-release for next-gen consoles coming next year. Check it!

Final Fantasy Type 0 – The White Weapon
Final Fantasy Type 0 – Echoes of Dreadnoughts
Final Fantasy Type 0 – Apostle of the Crystal

So what will it be this week? The mp3 as per usual? Maybe you’ll shake things up and check out iTunes. You know what, screw it. Just go YouTube. It’s right here and super convenient. And remember you can e-mail Joe and Kris at thesmlpodcast(AT)gmail(DOT)com with questions, comments or insults.


*Fans were not polled on their favorite guests because there aren’t actually enough fans to poll. And if there were, the favorite would surely be Nick Chester and not Pappy. The use of the term “fan favorite” has been used in this case to entice you to listen. Did it work?

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