Owing to some technical difficulties and the general busy nature of life, this “Friday night” podcast is going live three days late. However, do not think of it as being late – think of it in the sense that you’ll get TWO, that’s right, TWO episodes of The SML Podcast this week!

Instead of giving you a summary of the show here, I will instead leave a handful of out-of-context quotes from the episode, and you can listen to see what in the world they’re talking about! How does that sound? Fun? Yeah, I thought so too. Totally fun.

“I’m Kory Caldwell. I am the director, and one of the producers on the new independent documentary film, The Player’s Score.”


“Pepper pitch. Pepper pitch. Pepper pitch. Pepper pitch. Pepper pitch. Pepper pitch. Pepper pitch.”

“Can you believe babies these days don’t even know how to drive?”
“Come on, babies.”
“F***in’ bastards.”

“Just hide in A_Rival‘s luggage.”

“Wash down the shame with all the alcohol!”

“I wish pie never ended.”

“Ailsean just forked your girlfriend.”

“What else would you like to tell us about your movie before we go back to f***ing couches?”

“First part: Little Red Riding Hood; Second part: Zombie; Third part: Barbecue.”

“I felt nauseous, my mouth started watering, I grabbed the trash can, and I threw up three times playing Disney Infinity 2.0.”

“I want all the black ones.”

“Over the weekend I played a lot of Diablo.”
“I’m so proud of youuuuu!”

“Wait, a Sony system broke? Shocking!”

“We have two e-mails from Zak. If you would like to e-mail us yourself, you can write to us at thesmlpodcast at gmail dot com, and we will read it on the air, and it doesn’t matter what you write us because we read everything. Even spam.”

“A year and a half later, and we are still as far off-track as possible.”

“Episode zero sure what a thing.”

“Go find episode 24.”

“Keaton, you have to wear a suit for the podcast.”

“This is why the Mongols invaded China.”

“Check out the movie or something. And butts!”

“Learn the word ‘egregious,’ fools!”

Aren’t you just a BIT curious after all that to know how such phrases come about? Of course you are! So go listen via the mp3, iTunes, or the YouTube video below! Then enjoy the music at the end of the show.

First up is the theme song for the Players’ Score documentary, while the second set of tracks is a dedication A_Rival (it was his birthday when they recorded) with tracks from the Project Snake soundtrack, a Mega Man remix, a Busta Rhymes cover, and a track from his old band Wave Theory!

Viking Guitar – The Players’ Score
A_Rival – New Metal Gear
A_Rival – Break Ya Neck 2012 (Busta Rhymes cover)
A_Rival – Heat Man (Mega Man 2)
Wave Theory – Spaced Out



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