This week on the SML Podcast, Joe and Kris are reunited with Chris Taylor, the guy who so endearingly nicknamed the show the “Someone Might Listen” podcast. The trio talked for a while, and I’m assuming they had a good enough time, but none of that matters. The boys were joined by another guest for the second half of the show. A very special, very wonderful man. A guest truly long overdue in appearing on the show. Since pictures speak louder than words (that’s the saying, right?), I’ll let the following pictures do the talking:







No, don’t be fooled by that last image. Their guest is not Simon Pegg. IT’S ME. ALL ME. Instead of writing a typically massive e-mail, this time I decided to make them kick off their other guest so they could talk to me instead, because I am that interesting (special guest on an internet podcast that appears on a site I write for – I’ve finally made it in the industry).

So since my favorite game company is Nintendo, we of course have to talk about their recent outpouring of news and release dates. We touch on a bit of Hyrule Warriors, which makes a convenient segue to the music – it’s all from the OST (don’t sue us, Nintendo!).

Hyrule Warriors – Boss Battle
Hyrule Warriors – Heart of the End
Hyrule Warriors – Kakariko Village (Twilight Princess)

This isn’t an episode you want to miss, so I suggest not choosing one of the three options to listen, but instead making sure you don’t miss a single moment by listening from ALL THREE facets: mp3, iTunes, and YouTube (below). Oh, and if listening to me inspires you to e-mail the show, send your queries and comments to thesmlpodcast (at) gmail (dot) com.



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