Last month I had a go at Dreamgate Studios‘ mobile game Light in the Dark, which ingeniously blends colours and obstacles and mummies mirrors and more into a clever and challenging puzzler which is all sorts of frustrating fun.

Then I had the chance to meet up with some of the Dreamgate team at PAX Aus last weekend to discuss the upcoming add-on content for Light in the Dark: the Aztec Ruins.

Light in the Dark’s base game already features 120 levels, and Aztec Ruins brings 120 more. Before going any further, let’s just take a moment to appreciate a simple add-on pack that completely doubles the amount of content available to you.


The Aztec Ruins levels are much more difficult and challenging than the original batch, and rightfully so. While the base game takes its time, allowing you a couple dozen stages to get used to the mechanics and introduce you to one or two new features at a time, Aztec Ruins assumes you know what you’re doing and throws you in the deep end.

One new feature that kicks off the Ruins is the Ghost Light, which has plenty of uses that add so much depth and strategy to the game. For one, shining the Ghost Light on a mummy keeps them asleep, so you can shine other lights right through them and onto the babies or stars behind.

You can also use the Ghost Light to make hidden objects appear, such at crates or switches necessary to divert light where you need it to go.

Another use still is to negate colours that are in the area. Like, if you start a level and there’s an orange glow all around, shining a green light mixes it into yellow. But you don’t have a yellow baby to wake up, you’ve got a green baby. Shine your Ghost Light on the green baby, and the orange glow of the level goes away, so that only your green light remains.

Like I said, the Ghost Light has many neat uses, and sometimes you’ll have to make use of all its abilities in a single level. But it’s not the only new feature; Aztec Ruins also introduces the Sponge Light.


As the name suggests, the Sponge Light takes the colours shone into it and holds them together for a brief period so you can hit those hard-to-reach blended colours like yellow or purple. So if I need purple, I can shine my blue light and my orange light into the Sponge Light, and he will temporarily become a purple light, which I can then move to wake up the purple baby or collect the purple star around the corner.

Again, the effect is only temporary (a real sponge won’t hold water indefinitely, right?), so once you’ve got your desired mixture you’ll need to finish the level fast.

The Ghost Light and Sponge Light are just a couple of the new mechanics introduced in Light in the Dark’s Aztec Ruins add-on, but they definitely shake things up plenty. Plus, I reckon we’ll see a good deal more than just those two additions throughout the extra 120 stages.

The Aztec Ruins add-on will arrive on the iOS, Android, and Windows Phone app stores sometime in December, to keep you busy and entertained during your holiday travels. The price and specific release date for it have yet to be revealed, but you can grab the base game for an affordable $1.99 USD from both stores. Trust me, you will definitely get your money’s worth.

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