Trendy Entertainment has announced that their upcoming tower defense, action RPG sequel, Dungeon Defenders II, will release on PlayStation 4 alongside the PC version sometime in 2015.

Viewed from the third-person perspective, Dungeon Defenders II enables players to construct elaborate dungeons and traps to stymie their aggressors all the while engaging in real-time combat and upgrading skills and abilities across a wide range of classes.

Presently, Dungeon Defenders II is available today on Steam Early Access at a sale price of $19.99/£16.99 (regular price is $24.99/£19.99). Currently in pre-alpha, the build allows players access to the entire first region of the game along with four of the champion classes that will be available in the final product.

Speaking about the PlayStation 4 version, the developer was enthused to bring Dungeon Defenders II to PS4 stating, “Bringing the first Dungeon Defenders to the PlayStation Network was a proud accomplishment for this team. It’s a privilege to once again have the PlayStation community playing alongside us.”

You can catch the Early Access launch trailer for Dungeon Defenders II below.

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