With the newly announced Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, we know that this is indeed a separate series of games altogether, not exclusively attached to the Final Fantasy name. Now once upon a time, when Square Enix was Squaresoft and Enix, their main players were the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchises respectively, constantly clashing to reign supreme over all other JRPGs.

Long gone are their days of doing battle, having merged over a decade ago. So as the Theatrhythm games are meant to be a sort of celebration of the music and melodies that have captivated audiences over the years, it seems only fitting that the first two series to release under this moniker are the company’s two flagship sets of games.

Now that we’ve got two Theatrhythm Final Fantasy games and they know what they’re doing with the series, I reckon we’ll only see one iteration of Theatrhythm Dragon Quest, following the updated layout of this year’s Curtain Call (with updates and new modes as they see fit, of course). That means from 2016 on, we could very well see more and more Theatrhythm games, covering SquareEnix’s absolutely massive catalogue of games. But which ones should make the cut? Allow me to make a few wagers.

Theatrhythm Kingdom Hearts

Following Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, I’d put good money down to say that Kingdom Hearts is SquareEnix’s most popular, most well-known, and most obsessive fan-ridden series in their possession at this time. As the series has progressed, the reliance on Disney has waned, as more original characters and worlds are brought into the fold. Thus more and more music focused on the new characters and locations have followed, giving them a repertoire reaching far beyond Disney classics like Under the Sea and This is Halloween.

From Yoko Shimomura‘s beautiful melodies in Kairi and Dearly Beloved to the upbeat remixes of Utada Hikaru‘s Simple and Clean (Hikari) and Sanctuary (Passion), the Kingdom Hearts series has brought us many, many original songs that fans just adore. Sure, it would be fun if they threw in some of the rearranged Disney tunes as well such as Arabian Dream and Neverland Sky, but the games have more than enough original songs to stand alone in their very own Theatrhythm title.

Oh, and seeing as they’ve already got plenty of Theatrhythm-styled assets for Kingdom Hearts thanks to the Japanese browser game Kingdom Hearts χ [chi], this definitely seems like an easy leap to make.


Theatrhythm Chrono

While there are seemingly endless games throughout the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series, this duo never went beyond Chrono Trigger and its pseudo-sequel Chrono Cross. Even so, the fact that there are only two games in the series makes no difference, as there are more than 5 hours of content on their combined soundtracks.

Whether you’re mashing up Robo’s Theme with Rick Astley or feeling your hair stand on end during Black Omen, it’s obvious that Chrono Trigger isn’t just renowned for its story and characters.

Then while Chrono Cross always gets the short end of the critical stick when compared to its predecessor, its accompanying soundtrack is certainly nothing to scoff at. Home Village Arni was practically made to be a Field Song, while the opening cinematic’s Scars of Time gives me chills to this day with its brilliance. It definitely belongs in the Event Music category with the intro video playing. Seriously. Watch it. Chills.


Theatrhythm Square Enix Greatest Hits Collection

There has always been more to Square Enix than just Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. They may be the most constant and ongoing series, but there have been many, many other one-off titles or franchises with more niche audiences. In no way does this mean they lack in musical quality. Far from it.

Vagrant Story. Bravely Default. Nier. The World Ends With You. The Star Ocean series. The Last Remnant. Threads of Fate. The SaGa series. Need I say more?

With all of those fantastic OSTs to please your earholes, plus dozens more, there is near unlimited potential for a Square Enix Theatrhythm mash-up spectacular, and I’d really love to see it happen.

What do you think? Any other Squenix franchises you’d like to see get the Theatrhythm treatment? Sound off!

Theatrhythm Dragon Quest is currently being developed for the Nintendo 3DS, set to release in Japan on March 26, 2015.

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