On the 98th episode of SML, my true love gave to me:

…98 minutes of bullshit
…90 different topics
…80 missing lines in this song
…70 dirty fleshlights
…69 huh huh, uh huh huh
…60 broken games
…50 Smash Bros. smashing
…40 multiplayer patches
…30 gamer controversies
…20 pre-paid DLC packs
…10 inside jokes
…9 debunked rumors
…8 obnoxious hashtags
…7 rare amiibo
…6 overheating PlayStations
…4 dropped calls
…3 video game remixes
…2 “special” guests
…and a brand new contest that you should enter!

To enter the contest, create a synopsis for a fictional film adaptation of a video game that has no plot. The contest is inspired by the upcoming Tetris movie. Like, seriously, how do you give a plot to Tetris?? Anyway, make up a plot and e-mail it to thesmlpodcast(at)gmail(dot)com. The winner will be announced on episode 105, so you’ve got seven weeks to enter! Multiple entries are acceptable and encouraged, and some prizes include a season pass to Tales from the Borderlands, a PlayStation Experience swag bag, and more to be announced!

Oh, and I shamelessly plugged my upcoming project, the Road the Final Fantasy XV in 2015. Go check that out!

From here you can listen to the podcast via mp3, iTunes, or the YouTube video below. Happy holidays!

Oh, and here are the last two weeks of podcasts as well, because I’m still bad at keeping them posted in a timely manner. The fact that I got this one up is a Christmas miracle!

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