While Joe and Kris have continued on with The SML Podcast week to week, I took a holiday at the end of October, and since then I’ve completely dropped the ball with posting it. So let’s catch up now on the entire November SML catalogue! Since we’re covering 5 episodes in one post here, there won’t be crazy amounts of description. You’ll just have to listen to hear the best parts!

Episode 90 – Spooky Title Here

The boys are joined by Pappy and Ken Carlson to discuss the horror genre of games for Halloween. Music from Ailsean, Mustin, and Dale North.

Episode 91 – Undiscovered Soothsayers

No guests this week, just Joe and Kris. They talk about the (then) recent Nintendo Direct and compare trade-in values at Game Stop and Best Buy. More music from Dale North.

Episode 92 – Kris Got His Xbone

Pappy’s back, and the November game release extravaganza begins with Assassin’s Creed, Halo, Far Cry, and more. The gang gets multiple e-mails from me. Melodies by Jake Kaufman.

Episode 93 – Not Found. SML Server Offline.

From microtransactions in full, AAA games to terrible multiplayer online launches, this week addresses all the issues in modern gaming. Also, I send a few more e-mails. Tunes from the McDonald’s Treasure Land soundtrack. Yes, I’m serious. It’s awesome.

Episode 94 – Black Friday Peace Sells

Joe + Kris + Pappy + Henry Jones = episode 94. Kris calls to apply for the open drummer position with Megadeth, the definition of “RPG” is heavily debated, and there are (surprise, surprise) two more e-mails read from yours truly. Songs from bLiNd.

If you want to follow The SML Podcast on iTunes, check them out here. If you want them to read YOUR e-mail on the show, drop them a line at thesmlpodcast(at)gmail(dot)com. Oh, and you may once again keep up with new episodes every weekend here at Save/Continue, now that I’m back on track!

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